Green Light Laser Mini Range Finder with Digital Bubble w/ Bluetooth and 60 Meter Range


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Laser rangefinders are valuable gadgets for measuring the distance between your current position and a target. The distance is measured by the device bouncing light off the object it’s being pointed at. Laser rangefinders have uses for construction, real estate and more.

This laser range finder comes complete with Voice broadcast to make it easier to record data without having to stare at the screen all the time. Of course, you can choose to turn off the Voice broadcast if not required

Equipped with an electronic horizontal bubble, this laser distance meter delivers higher accuracy and faster level and angle measurements compared to bubble levels.

Features Bluetooth for data logging.


• LCD Screen with Backlight
• Single/continuous measurement
• Distance/ Area/Volume measurement
• Trapezoidal Measurement
• Point-to-Point Measurement
• Triangular Area
• Bluetooth
• Battery Operated
• Addition/ Subtraction Measurement
• Automatic horizontal and vertical
• Broadcast Voice
• Selectable Units and Benchmark


• Range
    • 0.2~60m
• Wavelength
    • 620-680nm
• Output
    • <1mW
• Accuracy
    • ±2mm
• Test time
    • 0.2~3S
• Units
    • m/ft/in/ft+in
• Laser auto-off
    • 30s
• Auto-off time
    • 2mins
• Power supply
    • AAA*2
• Working temperature
    • 0℃~40℃
• Storage temperature
    • -10℃~60℃
• Protection level
    • IP40
• Laser Type
    • II & 635nm &<1mw
• Data Recording
    • 100 Groups

Set Includes

1 x Handheld Laser Range Finder

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