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Designed mainly to fit right to any camera & microscope. This item has an ADJUSTABLE 60MM MOUNTING DIAMETER that covers a well-distributed illumination source that can be adjusted depending on the user’s requirements and adjustable plastic-tip-screws to hold tight the ring light to its position without creating any scratches. 

The unit uses 48 WARM WHITE bulbs that reflect off the subject, proven to be effective in minimizing shadows and provides exceptional uniformity, optimal clarity, and an effective solution for minimizing specular (a perfect mirror-like reflection of light from a surface) reflection and glare to produce CLEAR and VIVID results.

Inspection and quality control is no longer a problem to view surface defects and overcome the visibility problems associated. Hard-to-see imperfections in plastic and metal surfaces, defects in solder joints and fine points on translucent surfaces all become visible when illuminated with this unit.

Have a high quality light in your possession to have the controlled light source and have the option to reduce the ray interfere and reflect.


• Made with high-quality materials and fits perfectly into stereo microscopes
• Equipped with 48 bright white LED bulbs and an optional Frosted Ground Glass
• Provides cool, uniform, glare free and focused shadow-free illumination
• Adjustable 60mm mounting diameter to match various microscopes
• Long lifetime and built to last
• With safety approval for a long and trouble-free life
• Comes with a power plug for US, UK, Australia, Italy, Germany or Europe


• Size of Adaptor : 6x10x3.3cm
• Size of Ring LED light: 62mm diameter (inner) & 100mm diameter (outer)
• Matching diameter adjustable: 30mm-60mm
• Optimum light range: 43mm-151mm

Set includes

• 1 x 48 LED Ring Light
• 1 x Main Controller

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