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Multi-function meter that provide crucial information on essential wind parameters. It can Hold, Save, Retrieve and Delete 24 groups of memorized data. A precision instrument that has a variety of practical applications including data collections for weather analysis, navigation, marine applications, environment monitor for ventilation systems, installation, data collection and many others.
This advanced item can determine the following useful measurement data:

• Air Velocity

• Air Flow

• Beaufort Scale

• Wave Height

• Air Temperature


• It can memorize 24 groups of obtained data and capable to recall the data from the meter
• With precised measurements of Features instant results that’s clearly & legibly shown on an easy to read LCD screen with vivid blue backlighting
• Air Speed in selectable units such as meter/second, kilometers/hour, feet/minute & knots
• Air Flow in selectable units such as cubic meters/minute & cubic feet/minute
• Air Temperature in selectable units such as fahrenheit & celsius
• Blue light function button that can be switched ON for easy reading

• Uses conventional angled vane arms with ultra-low friction ball bearing

• With 0-9 minutes Auto-Switch Off set by user


• Parameters measured: Wind Flow , Velocity/Speed , Beaufort Scale , Wave Height , Temperature
• Memory: 24 group data

• Circuitry: Custom LSI Microprocessor Circuit

• Sampling Rate: 1 reading per second approx

• Air Velocity / Flow Sensor: Conventional angled vane arms with low friction ball bearing

• Temperature Sensor: Precision thermistor

• Automatic Power Off: 0 – 9 minutes set by users

• Display: 0.5″ (or 13mm) 4-digit LCD

Set Includes

• 1 x Thermo Anemometer
• 1 x Sensor probe

• Quick Start Guide

• Standard factory package

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