Digital Mechanic Engine Stethoscope with Headphone 10~10K Hz


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Mechanics Stethoscopes are used to track down automotive, mechanical, and other types of machine issues. Widely used in ship, automobile, chemical manufacture, metallurgy, machine, household appliance and many other fields. 

Rapidly detect the machine noise from a diesel engine, an air cylinder or an automobile, and exactly find out the malfunction position. Check piston slap, worn gears, damaged valves and bearings, as well as water pump failure.


• Can pick up and amplify weak audio signals via a sensitive piezoelectric sensor
• Two separate sensors to detect two parts of the machine simultaneously
• Hearing from Mono (Left or Right Channel) & Stereo (Both Channels) modes are selectable
• Distinguish the normal/abnormal signal and its location
• Designed to help locate the source of excess bearing and machine noise easily at a low cost
• Quickly find the source of engine noise such as piston slap, worn gears, damaged valves and bearings, blown gaskets, water pump failure
• Track down dashboard rattles and squeaks
• Identify abnormal noise from an engine or a motor to avoid accidents
• Monitor the performance of all kinds of axletrees, ship or vessel
• Check whether the liquid in a pipe is flowing or blocked in chemical industries
• Best use in the maintenance of various vehicles and household appliances
• Best Mechanic’s Stethoscope for Diagnosing Engine Sounds and Useful for Automotive Diagnostics


• Frequency Range: 10~10K Hz
• Input Impedance: >20M
• Ambient noise Permitted: 100dB
• Dimensions: 156 x 67 x 28mm
• Weight: 270g

Set Includes

• 1 x Mechanical Stethoscope
• 1 x Earphone set
• 2 x Sensor
• 2 x Stinger probe
• Operation Manual
• Carrying Case

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