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This Handheld Automotive Multimeter is a useful tool for diagnosis and testing of automobile electrical systems including battery voltage and condition, interior and exterior lamps, relays, power windows and electric motors. It has an LED light so you can even use this tool in dark environments such as when attempting to find your car keys in the dark!

This device is recommended for professional car technicians and even for do-it-yourself driveway mechanics. A device capable of performing this many standard and advanced auto repair troubleshooting procedures deserves a spot in every toolkit!


• Test battery voltage
• Checks the battery condition while starting the engine
• Checks interior and exterior lamps
• Checks relays, power windows and electronic motors
• LED light source for dark environment usage
• It also has a powerful light source, circuit breaker protected voltage source and a warning buzzer
• Power supply functions may be selected
• Protects wires and components when testing shorted and overloaded circuits
• Finds open and disconnected parts
• Contains a magnet on the back of the device used to attached on the vehicle during usage


• Input Voltage : DC 9~35V
• Max. Protection Current : 8A
• Operating Temperature : 0°C~40°C, <75%RH
• Storage Temperature : -10°C~50°C, <85%RH
• Dimension : 195 x 53 x 45mm
• Weight : about 250g (only main body)

Set includes

• 1 x Automotive Multitester
• 1 x Test pin
• 1 x Additional Output Lead
• 1 x Battery Connecting Lead
• 1 x Extension Test Pin Lead
• 1 x Extension Battery Cable
• 1 x Cigarette Lighter Jack Power Cable
• 1 x Instruction Manual
• 1 x Carrying Pouch
• Standard Factory Packaging

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