Handheld GPS Land Measuring Tool


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In stock

This GPS based instrument is an incredibly valuable tool for measuring the area and length of any shape of land (including mountainous land, slopes and flat fields.) 

Be it a construction site, hobby farm or even many thousands of acres of prime production land, you can be assured of accurate measurements of your holdings using this device.


• Measure area and length of any shape
• Vehicle-carrier measurement. 
• Equal-width area measurement
• 2.8 inch larger color screen with clear visuals
• Efficient startup: 30 seconds for cold boot, 3 secs for warm


• Area measurement range: 0-999999.9 square meter
• Area measurement accuracy: 98%
• Length measuring range: 0-999999.9m
• Length accuracy: 1-3m
• Data Save: 99 Sets
• Working Hours: 8-10 hours

Set includes

1 x GPS Land Meter

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