Handheld USB Endoscope w/ 7″ Android Based Monitor


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In stock

This handheld endoscope with 7mm camera head lens comes with a 7 inch screen Mobile internet device (MID) that can be used for taking photo and video. This Inspection Camera allows you to operate in and inspect hard-to-reach areas. 

This Snake scope is an ergonomic handheld video endoscope system with robust and semi flexible insertion tube.

The 7inch android monitor supports Android 4.0 or later and can check email, create photos, play music and watch video. It can also show videos on YouTube. This android monitor has a built in 4GB of internal memory and can support micro SD and is expandable up to 32GB. Its support Mpeg-4,h.263,h.264, VC1, Real Video, Motion Jpeg in video format and support BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF for picture format.

The four built-in LED lights allows adjustable illumination for easy fault finding and diagnosis. See in the dark or in low light at short range with four infrared LEDs. It can capture high-quality images and videos (AVI) with rich colour throughout and a large dynamic range.

Has multiple applications across the following areas:

• Industrial inspection
• Surveying pipes & equipment’s
• Furnishing installation
• Car repair
• A nifty and surveillance gadget
• Automotive applications: vehicle maintenance, checking under the hood, etc.
• Household use or domestic maintenance & home improvement: observe drains, gutters, vents, behind walls, inspect buildings for electrical wires, check for pests, termites, etc. or


• Allows for easy surveying of small, hard-to-reach places
• View live video at 640 x 480 pixels VGA resolution
• World’s smallest USB Camera 
• Comes with a 7 INCH screen Mobile internet Device (MID)
• Can check email, create more photos, play music, watch video, and it can also show video on YouTube.
• Comes with 830mm (2.4ft) flexible tube
• Waterproof (IP67 rating) lens and flexible tube, allows you to see into damp, wet or submerged spaces like down drains, pipes or toilets
• Easy to take pictures by pressing the photo button and saving the file directly in the MID
• Adjustable brightness on the lens-mounted four built in LED lights
• Lightweight, handheld design, flexible and convenient to use
• Stable, high-quality product
• Fast lead time
• With USB 2.0 Interface
• Ideal for plumbers to access the damage before dismantling pipes or for home use when someone drops valuables down the drain. Now with a handy and durable plastic (PE covered) handler for added protection.


• Camera:

• Waterproof Level: IP67 Waterproof (Camera Head & Flexible Tube)
• Resolution: 640×480 pixel (VGA)
• Images: Video live streaming or capture stills
• Lens Size: 1/12″ CMOS
• White Comparison: Automatic
• Exposure to Light: Automatic
• LED Light Quality: 4 x white LED
• Output: USB
• USB Cable Length: approx. 2000mm
• Ambient/Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 65°C
• Total Length of Device: 1030mm
• Effective Tube Length: 830mm
• Min. Bending Radius: 50mm
• Lens Diameter: 7.0mm
• Flexible Tube Diameter: 6.0mm
• LEDs: 4
• Focal Distance: 50mm to infinity
• Weight (Main Unit): 225g

• Mobile Internet Device (Android Monitor)

• Display: 7 inch Multi-touch captive screen
• Screen: LED screen
• Pixels : 800 x 480 
• Operation System: Google Android 4.0.3
• Internal Memory : Built in 4GB memory
• Storage : Support Micro SD expandable up to 32GB 
• WiFi Support : wireless internet
• Language : Support Multi Language

• Ports

• 2.0 USB, OTG Interface
• 3.5mm stereo earphone jack
• Microphone
• HDMI Interface

• SD-card slot
• Adaptor : AC input 110V-240V; DC output 5V
• Video format : Support Mpeg-4,h.263,h.264 ,VC1, RealVideo, MotionJPEG.
• Picture format : Support BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF,
• Weight : 30.2g
• Color: white

Set includes

• 1 x USB Inspection Camera with flexible tube
• 1 x 7 inch Android Monitor
• 1 x CD installer
• 1 x USB converter
• 1 x USB cable
• 1 x Adaptor
• 1 x Bracket
• Gift box

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