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A Portable compact battery-operated sound level calibrator suitable for many sound level meters.

When a microphone from a sound level meter is inserted into this calibrator, the sound level meter picks up the signal and displays the signal in dB (decibel) units. The sound level meter should be adjusted (if necessary) to match the calibrator’s output signal as closely as possible.

Calibration frequency at 1K Hz with three levels 114dB, 94dB and 104 dB. The 1000 Hz frequency allows calibrating sound level meters with any frequency weighting (LIN, A, B, …), without applying any correction factor.

It can be conveniently used both in the laboratory and in the field. The 114 dB sound level allows performing calibrations even in high background noise environments.


• Meets IEC 60942:2018, class 2 standard
• It stays accurate even in extreme humidity conditions
• Suitable for all sound level meters with a microphone head mechanically compliant with IEC 61094-1 or IEC 61094-4 in a 1/2″(13.2mm) microphone size
• Calibration frequency at 1K Hz with three level 114dB, 94dB and 104dB
• Vivid LED display with stability and low power indicator
• Battery-powered, easy to carry around


• Calibration frequency: 1000Hz
• Frequency accuracy: ±1.7%
• Sound Pressure Level: 94dB / 104dB / 114dB
• Sound Pressure accuracy: ±0.4dB
• Microphone head cavity diameter: 13.2mm (½”)
• Stabilization time: 10 seconds
• Total distortion: <3%
• Ambient Condition Influence:

• Temperature and humidity influence: <0.4dB @ 0…40°C and 25…90%RH
• Static pressure influence: <0.1dB @65…108kPa

• Stability levels

• Short term stability (<60s): ±0.15dB
• Stability after 1 year with normal use: ±0.35dB

• LED indicator: 1 green/Red: ready/low power; 3 green: 114/101/94dB
• Operating Environment: 0~40°C; 25~90%RH
• Storage Environment: -20~50°C; <90%RH
• Dimension: 60 x 130 x 37.5mm
• Weight: ~400gms
• Battery: 2 x AA Alkaline battery

Set includes

• 1 x Sound Level calibrator
• 2 x AA battery
• English instruction manual
• Standard Factory Packaging

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