Portable Multi Functional 4K/HD All in One IP Camera Test Monitor w/ 5 inch IPS Touch Display


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In stock

CCTV Testers are portable devices for testing the performance and configuration of CCTV and IP cameras. CCTV camera testers can be used to perform Ethernet and network performance tests, monitor performance tests, resolution checks, etc.


• 5 Inch IPS touch screen with 1920×1080 Resolution
• IP Discovery: Auto-scan of whole network segments
• Rapid ONVIF
• AutoHD: Auto recognise HD coax camera types and resolution
• Cable Tracer and UTP cable test app in one interface
• Advanced UTP cable testing. Capable of supporting UTP, BNC, RJ45 and more. 


• Display: 5 Inch IPS Touch Screen w/ 1920×1080 Resolution
• PoE Power output: 48V, max power 25.5W
• Battery: Built in Lithium Ion battery
• Working Temperature: -10C ~ +50C
• Working Humidity: 30%-90%
• Other: Built-in Wifi

Set includes

1 x CCTV Tester
1 x Toolbag
1 x Li-ion battery
1 x BNC cable
1 x Charger
1 x RS485 Control Cable
1 x Cable Tracer

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