Sound Level Meter Calibrator 94db & 114db ±0.3db IEC942 Compliant


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This Sound Level Calibrator is a handy source for fast & easy calibration of sound level meter, microphone and sound measuring system. It is designed to check the accuracy of many types of sound instruments.

Moreover, this calibrator employs a solid-state integrated circuitry that provides accurate and stable performance. It is IEC942 Class I compliant.

Suitable for acoustics field, laboratory use, and Sensitivity calibration for microphones amongst other tasks.


• Sound Pressure Level with 94 dB and 114 dB
• High Accuracy with ±0.3 db
• Generates standard levels and frequencies
• Extremely low influence of static pressure
• Sensitivity calibration of microphones
• Designed for 1″ and 1/2″ microphones
• Battery Operated
• Supplied with Instruction Manual and battery


• Output Sound Level: 94db & 114db
• Accuracy: ±0.3db(20°C, 760mm Hg)
• Frequency: 1000±0.1%Hz (allows calibration with A,B,C or D weighting networks or linear)
• Temperature range: -10~50°C (14 ~ 122 °F)
• Standard: IEC942 Class I
• Designed For: 1″and 1/2″ microphones
• Storage (with batteries removed) -40~65°C (-40 ~ 149 °F)
• Extremely low influence of static pressure
• Temperature coefficient : 0 to 0.01dB/°C
• Altitude Effects: Approximately0.1dB decrease for each 2000 feet increase in altitude from the sea level to 12,000 feet elevation or comparable atmospheric pressure change (approx. every 50mm of Hgdecrease)
• Power Supply: 9v transistor batteries NEDA 1604. Burgess 2U6 or equivalent.
• Battery life approx.100 hours
• Dimension: 48mm x 48mm x 138mm (5.43 x 1.89 x 1.89 inch)
• Weight: 250g

Set Includes

• 1 x Sound Level Meters Calibrator
• 1 x 9V Battery installed (FREE)
• 1 x English Instruction Manual
• Standard factory packaging

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