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This moisture meter incorporates a range of design refinements and advanced features to bring a top quality multi function meter that can detect moisture not just in woods but also in concrete and other materials. A non destructive and high resistance instrument that accurately measures dampness in buildings and building materials even in the hard to reach areas.Switching between pin and search modes enables the user to check the moisture levels of building elements such as walls, floors, and other masonry products.

Operating this meter is as easy as selecting search mode and holding the instrument against building elements such as walls or solid floors and the user can obtain a accurate indication of the moisture level beneath the surface. Selecting the pin mode and pushing two needle probes into the surface of the wood or masonry and the user can obtain the actual moisture content. It bears the CE marking that certifies its compliance with the essential health standards and safety requirements.


• CE marked
• Equipped with 2 different testing methods, scanner and probes
• For use in a wide variety of situations
• With color coded LED lights
• Data hold function to freeze the current value at the display
• Provides alarm values that can be set by the user
• Easy to use hand held digital LCD display monitor
• Accurate testing results are guaranteed

Types of materials that can be measured

• Woods (over 140 species)
• Marble
• Granite
• Glass
• Peat
• Concrete
• Plaster
• Sand (dry)
• Stone
• Leather
• Slag
• Kerosene
• Alcohol
• Brick
• Polyethylene
• Lime
• Soft Coal
• Bamboo
• Paraffin
• Veneer
• Charcoal
• Foam
• Felt


• Sensor Type: Pin & Search
• Wood Measurement: over 150 species
• Building Moisture Range: 0-50% Concrete
• Measuring Range: 0-80%
• Resolution: 0.1
• Display: 4 digits, 10mm LCD screen

• 3 Color Code LED light Indicator:
     • GREEN LED – air dry state

     • YELLOW LED – borderline state
     • RED LED – damp state

• Accuracy: ±0.5%n or ±0.5% – which ever is higher

• Measurement codes: 10 codes in pin and 20 codes in search
• Search mode reads up to a depth of 50mm
• Power off: manual or 5 minute auto shut down
• Operating Temperature: 0 – 50°C, Humidity: below 90% RH
• Dimensions: 165mm x 62mm x 26mm
• 2 Pin Steel Probe Measurement: 1.5cm (0.5″)

Set Includes

1 x Digital Moisture Scanner 
1 x 2 Pin steel probe
1 x User Manual
1 x Protective carrying case


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