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3 in 1 High Accuracy pH / ORP / Temperature Meter


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This is an advanced pH, ORP and Temperature meter specifically designed to provide precise measurements even under harsh conditions. The controller is equipped with triple scale, pH, mV and Temperature, that reaches up to 0-14.00pH, 0 to ±1999mV, and 0°C to 100°C respectively and are the most important units to you help you determine the status of your water quality, featureing replaceable pH & ORP electrodes. It precisely determines the pH value, the redox tension and the temperature of the intended solution to be measured. . Fully equipped with ATC, automatically adjusts itself to correct temperature discrepancies during use. It’s important to use a meter with automatic temperature compensation (ATC) to give you the most accurate measurement in any type of environmental temperature.

With our portable 3 in 1 measuring device, you can accurately and comfortably measure the redox potential of your aquarium, pond, spa or pools and soil. Use it for sea water aquariums for controlling of an ozone addition as well as in sea and fresh water basins.

Enjoy the technologically advanced, highly accurate and portable 3 in 1 meter for your aquatic and industrial needs.


• Uses replaceable pH electrode & ORP electrode
• Remote stainless temperature probe
• Equipped with ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) 
• Provides high and accurate measurements
• 2 point calibration
• Measuring range of 0-14 pH with resolution & accuracy of .01 pH.
• 4 digit LCD display
• Comprehensive User’s manual


• Measuring Range:
       • pH: 0.00 to 14.00pH    
        ORP/mV: 0 to ±1999mV    
        Temp: 0°C to 100°C

• Accuracy:  
        pH: 0.01pH    
        ORP/mV: ±0.1% F·S±1 digit
        Temp: ±0.4°C

• Resolution:  
          pH: 0.01pH
          ORP/mV: 1mV  
          Temp: 0.1°C

• Display: 4 digit LCD
• Operating Conditions: 0°C to 50°C 
• Input resistance: 10¹²O
• Dimension: 180mm x 83mm x 46mm
• Weight: 570g
• ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation)

Set includes

• 1 x 3 in 1 ORP mV, pH, Temperature Meter
• 1 x Comprehensive user’s manual
• 1 x Mini screw driver
• 1 x Detachable temperature probe
• 1 x Replaceable pH electrode
• 1 x Replaceable ORP electrode
• 1 x Black protective carrying case

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