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Digital 2 in 1 pH / ORP Controller With Electrodes


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The most advanced type of controller which can simultaneously measure and display the pH value and redox value (ORP) all at the same time which is contrary to almost all other pH/ORP controllers. It has 2 electrodes (pH and redox) that can be replaced anytime, 2 circuits and 2 switched sockets. It can simultaneously control CO² (via pH value) and ozoniser (via ORP value) at the same time. It allows you to control or operate 1 value at a time, if necessary, you can operate the equipment with only pH value or just the redox value. It accuratly regulates pH and redox values in liquids.

Simply set the desired pH/redox values in the controller. If the currently measured pH or redox value increases or decreases the deviation is adjusted . This can be done with the relay steered 110V or 220V plug socket of the controller. You can attach any 110V or 220V device to it e.g. air outlet stone, O3 ozoniser, oxygen pump, CO2 regulator, electromagnetic valve and other ORP & pH control devices.

An ozone generation unit and a CO2 system are control devices that regulate the amount of ozone and release carbon dioxide in the water respectively, which largely affects the pH level and filtration of the system. Ozone is an effective agent against parasites and bacterial diseases and an excellent water sanitizer, anti pollutant and disinfectant. A CO2 system helps your plants to grow, flourish, and have vibrant colors.

Suitable for fish hatcherys, wine production, swimming pools, laboratories, water conditioning,aquariums and various industrial applications.


• Display pH value and redox value (ORP) at the same time.
• Equipped with 2 probes (pH and redox), 2 circuits and 2 switched sockets.
• Simultaneously measure pH & ORP and control other pH & ORP related devices.
• Simultaneously regulates the pH and redox values in liquids.
• Power plug for CO2 and ozone solenoids or dosing pumps are provided.
• Fast response and easy to calibrate. 
• Replaceable pH & ORP electrodes.
• Wall mountable


• Display: double 4 LED, dual display reading
• Conformity: CE and RoHS

• Measuring range:
              pH: 0.00 ~ 14.00pH
              ORP: -1999 ~ 1999mV

• Accuracy:
               pH: ±0.1%+0.02PH
               ORP: ±5mV

• Resolution:
               pH: 0.01pH
               ORP: 1mV

• Set Range: 
               pH: 3.50 ~ 10.50pH
               ORP: -500 ~ 500m

• Operating Temperature :  0 to 50 °C  (32  to 122 °F)
• Dimensions:  160 x 102 x 40mm
• Weight:  872g

Set Includes

• 1 x Dual aquarium controller for pH & ORP
• 1 x Bottle pH 4.003 calibration solutions
• 1 x Bottle pH 6.864 calibration solutions
• 1 x Operation manual
• 1 x Detachable 300cm pH electrode
• 1 x Detachable 300cm ORP electrode
• 2 x Rubber cable holder with suction cap
• 1 x Mini screw driver
• 1 x Metal Holder

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