3 in 1 Pen Type ORP / PH & Temperature Combo Meter W/ ATC


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pH is a crucial variable reflecting the chemical conditions of a given solution. pH affects the availability of nutrients, microbial activity, biological functions, and the behaviour of chemicals. As a result, monitoring or controlling the pH of soil, water and food or beverage products, amongst many others, is essential for a wide variety of applications.

Test once and test accurately with our digital pH meters, and don’t risk your next job with inferior testing equipment. Our high-quality, precision, and affordable digital pH meters are best for ensuring accurate pH readings in any situation.

A waterproof meter designed to measure pH and ORP in one go simultaneously. It also reads temperature, which is continuously displayed on the dual-level LCD. All pH readings are automatically temperature compensated (ATC). Measurements are highly accurate, with a unique stability indicator right on the LCD. It comes with a removable electrode that can be replaced easily by the user. The housing has been completely sealed against humidity and designed to float.


• Conforms with IP55 standard
• Included calibration solution, pH4.01, pH6.86 & pH9.18
• Waterproof, and it floats!
• With Automatic Temperature Compensation


• Range: 0~14.00pH ; -1999~1999mV ; -50~70°C
• Resolution: 0.01pH ; 1mV ; 0.1°C
• Accuracy: ±0.1 pH ; ±5mV ; ±1°C
• ATC: 0~50°C
• Operating Environment: 0~50°C
• Size: 17 x 2.4 x 4cm
• Weight: 85g

Set Includes

• 1 X PH ORP Meter
• 1 x 4.01 pH Buffer Solution
• 1 x 6.86 pH Buffer Solution
• 1 x 9.18 pH Buffer Solution
• 1 x Mini Screw Driver
• English User Manual
• Sturdy Carrying Case

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