62mm 72 LED Ring Light & Microscope Camera Illuminator


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This ring light offers four-zone control to illuminate different angles and brightness control to adjust lighting intensity by each zone or as a whole. It has a metal casing/housing with good insulation and anti-static function. This is a top-quality product offering balance, flash-free, shadow-free, durability and long service life. 

In addition, an optional frosted soft-filter, attachment is included to reduce light interference to improve the imaging quality. 

Applicable for inspection, image processing, and the illumination of various stereo microscope and and machine vision systems. It is equipped with a power plug consistent with the export certification and is adjustable. Thus it can be used in various countries.


• Stable and reliable performance
• Elegant housing and low in power consumption, low temperature and high brightness
• Intensity Adjustment, Good Variable Control
• Permits a gradual increase in brightness
• Separate control on Four-Zone Lighting
• Reliable and durable
• Low on power consumption, super bright
• Metal shell, ESD and have good insulation
• Uniform light distribution, no flicker, no shadow
• Available in other colours as well


• LED Light: 72 LEDs
• Mounting Diameter: 62mm
• Outer Diameter: 98mm
• Output Power: 7.2W
• LED Color Temperature: ±6500K
• LED Luminance: >15000mcd
• LED Angle: 18°(Consistent)
• LED Lifetime: 100,000 hrs
• Working Distance: 95-115mm
• LED Color: White (Optional Other Colors)
• Standard Configuration: 72 LED Lamp, Light Control Box

Set includes

• 1 x LED ring light with 72pcs LED bulbs
• 1 x Main Controller

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