Anti Jamming Underground Cable Tracker & Wire Locator w/ Polarity Test Function


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Mainly used to detect cable location in underground, inside-wall, ceiling or other invisible cables. Has CE approval. Detects power cable, coax cable, telephone cable, network cable, multi-core metal line, etc. The best tool for engineers when being used in the following applications:

• Cable wiring, weak current system of an integrated wiring circuit
• Communication cabling, home decoration system
• Telephone system, computer network and other metal conductor fields
• Utilities installation and maintenance


• Trace cable such as single metal line, 2-core or multi-core cable, twisted pairs, etc without current interference
• Locate underground wires (both live wire and de-energized wire), inside or behind the wall, ceiling, floor slab, or other invisible cables, detection range is 0-2m deep and 15km long
• Signal sensitivity for tone generator and amplifier probe is adjustable from 0 to 2m
• Detects power cable, coax cable, telephone cable, network cable, multi-core metal line
• With polarity test function and low battery indication. Tone Generator is powered by a rechargeable battery


• Tone Generator / Emitter

• Voltage Indicator: ≤3.5V (Power LED light flashing)
• Charging current: 800mA
• Signal transmission format: Multi-frequency pulse
• Signal output level: 21Vp-p
• Signal transmission distance: 15km
• Signal sensitivity distance: 0-2m
• depth distance: 2m
• Volume Regulate Function: Audio volume level control
• Dimension: 150 x 55 x 34mm
• Weight: 155g

• Amplifier Probe / Receiver

• Working current: ≤6V (Power LED light flashing)
• Dimension: 255 x 45 x 25mm
• Weight: 95g (battery excluded)

• Max. working current: 40mA~50mmA±10%

• Working temperature: -10~50°C

• Working humidity: 30~60% RH

Set Includes

• 1 x Tone Generator (Emitter) with alligator clip and RJ11 (telephone) cable
• 1 x Amplifier Probe (Receiver)
• 1 x Micro USB charger cable
• 1 x Charger Power adaptor
• 1 x Earphone
• 1 x English Manual
• 1 x Carry Pouch
• 1 x Color box

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