Digital Moisture Meter For Grains, Seeds, Rice, Hay, Agriculture With Extra Long Pins


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This powerful, versatile and handy device is used to determine the moisture content and temperature level of corn, wheat, paddy, hay and more. Capable of measuring moisture from 8 to 20% and temperature from -10 to 55°C. Data gathered will then be used by the coded LED lights to give you with the most current condition of the grain being tested. Plus a extra long 2 pin probe that uses an exclusive micro computer LSI circuit and crystal time base ensuring highly accurate readings, fast measuring and quick response time.


• Micro computer LSI circuit and crystal time base for high accuracy

• Coded LED lights to indicate the condition of your grain
           • Decay Impossible
           • Possible
           • Inevitable

• Extra long 2 pin probe that reaches deep into your grain

• Can be used to measure both moisture and temperature levels
• Durable and lightweight ABS plastic housing
• CE marked
• Instantaneous reading results
• Easy to read LCD screen, gives exact readings
• With a protective carrying case with contoured rubber compartments that fits the device perfectly, keeps the device in place and provides optimum shock absorption.


• Measurement Range
        • Moisture: 8 ~ 20%
        • Temperature: -10 ~ 55°C (14 ~ 131°F)

• Resolution : 0.1

• Accuracy
         • Moisture : ±1%
         • Temperature : ±0.8°C

• Operation Temperature : 0 ~ 50°C (32 ~ 122°F)
• Operation Humidity: ?85%
• Grains: paddy, rice, corn, wheat
• Display: 4 digits, 10mm LCD

• Dimensions
         • Meter: approx. 17.8cm(L) x 6.8cm(W) x 3.9cm(Thick)
         • Probe Length : approx. 36.5cm
         • Cable Length : approx. 102cm

Set Includes

1 x Grain moisture meter with 2 pin probe
1 x User manual
1 x Protective carrying case

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