Entry Level 200mg/h Ozone Generator


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One of our most basic Ozone generator units that can be used for a variety of applications. It has the advantage of low power consumption and is designed to work continuously to generate ozone by corona discharge. Performs Ideally paired with a Redox (ORP) controller to control and improve a fish pond or an aquarium’s water quality, eliminate sickness, and eventually eradicate fatality.


• Effective corona discharge ozone production technology
• Low power consumption (7W)with high ozone output
• Built infuse for device protection
• Compact and durable design
• Long-life performance and trouble-free life
• Silent and vibration-free built-in air pump
• Installation free, buy and use instantly
• Leaves no taste, odour or harmful substance in drinking water
• Aggressive in killing germs, virus and bacteria
• Disinfect anything that needs to be 100% bacteria and harmful substance free


• Max. Ozone Output: 100mg/hr (without air dryer) & 200mg/hr (with air dryer)
• Pump Output: 2 Litres / minute
• Max. Pump Pressure: 3/4psi = 0.5 meter of water
• Outlet Port Dimension: 6mm
• Inlet Port Dimension: 6mm
• Fuse:1 Amp 5 x 20 mm (220V AC)
• Ozone Generating Method: Corona Discharge
• Gas Resource: Ambient Air

Set includes

• 1 x Ozone Generator
• 2 x Ceramic Diffuser Stones
• 1 x Instruction Manual

• Optional Optional Ozone Generator Air Dryer

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