Energy Efficient High Output Professional Ozone Generator, Ozone Output 1250mg/hr


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This ozone generator continuously generates ozone by corona discharge and can produce 1 gram of ozone per hour from oxygen. It has no built-in air pump so that it can be fed with different air sources, such as pure oxygen from an oxygen tank or an oxygen concentration device and ambient air (use with an external air pump).

The Ozone Output Regulating Dial allows precise ozone output adjustments (0~100%). The air/oxygen inlet and ozone outlet are located at the back and are bi-directional so either can be used as the inlet.

This ozone generator is ideal for for high ozone output applications that most other home ozone generators can not provide, as well as ozone applications that require a different air source than ambient air. It has a compact design, yet it is a robust and high endurance product

This ozone generator uses a high output Corona Discharge Ozone Tube, along with a high flow ball bearing Cooling Fan (25 CFM) to ensure steady and high ozone output (up to 1000mg/hr by oxygen). 


• High output corona discharge ozone tube with low power consumption (25W)
• High flow ball bearing cooling fan (25 CFM)
• Precise ozone output calibration
• Durable, compact and rugged construction
• Long life performance and trouble-free life
• Can be fed with different air sources
• Installation free, buy and use instantly
• Leaves no taste, odor or harmful substance in drinking water
• Aggressive in killing germs, virus and bacteria
• Disinfect anything that needs to be 100% bacteria-free
• With CE marking, approved by European Directives for essential health and safety standards
• Tested, evaluated and meets UL & TUL‘s international standard requirements


• Max. Ozone Output: 1250mg/h, adjustable
• Pump Output: Not included, external gas supply equipment is needed
• Ozone Generating Method: Corona Discharge (Ozone Tube)
• Dimension:200*210*110mm
• Net Weight 2.5kg
• Case: High strength painted metal
• Materials on Ozone Path: Glass, Stainless Steel, Silicone, High-density polyethylene, PTFE

  1. If there is no oxygen input or air dryer  connected to the ozone generator, maximum ozone output is 1000mg/h
  2. When there is Oxygen input (25°C) connected to the ozone generator:

• Adjusting dial knob to 100, gives maximum ozone output of 1250mg/h
• Adjusting dial know to 50, gives maximum ozone output of 625mg/h

Oxygen flow (L/min)
Ozone output (mg/H)

      3. When the air dryer is connected (25°C):

• Max Ozone Output: 300mg/h
• Air flow: 1.0 L/min

Set includes

• 1 x Ozone Generator
• Instruction Manual

• Optional Optional Ozone Generator Air Pump

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