O3 Generator w/ Built In Air Pump & Timer, Ozone Output 500mg/hr


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This ozone generator kills all harmful organism in air and in water without using any chemicals and disinfects anything that needs to be 100% bacteria and harmful substance-free. Plus, you benefit from Digital Timing, continuous ON function and the adjustable ozone regulator.

Unlike with many typical personal-use ozone generators, this item has an Output Adjustment Dial that regulates its ozone output from 100% to less than 40%, which ideally works together with a Redox (ORP) controller to control quality of water in an aquarium or a fish pond.

In home and commercial use includes:

• Water purification or Odour elimination in an indoor environment
• Kill germs, pesticides and bacteria, microorganism in air & water sources, parasites
• Food Sterilization
• Decontamination, sterilization, and detoxification 


• Adjustable Ozone output
• 60 min digital timer and “Constant On” function
• Has a Maximum Ozone Output of 200mg/hr without connecting to an air dryer and 500mg/hr with connected to an air dryer
• Highly efficient corona discharge ozone production technology with low power consumption (10W)
• Silent with built-in air pump
• Capable of working together with Air Dryer
• It comes with 2 sets of high-quality air hoses and ceramic diffuser stones
• Free ozone application guide
• Compact and durable design
• Installation free, use instantly
• Air Dryer can be recharged by heating in a microwave or an oven
• Air Dyer and air inlet/outlet are included
• Air Dryer’s dark blue silica beads serve as an easy indicator of when to recharge or replace. They turn to a pink colour when filled with moisture.


• Air Dryer Moisture Absorbing Silica Beads

• Volume: 200 ml
• Dimension of outlet: 6mm
• Air inlet: open

• Adjustable Ozone output level
• Maximum Ozone Output:

• 200 mg/hr without air dryer connection
• 500 mg/hr with air dryer connection

• Internal Air Pump Output : 1 – 2 L/min
• Timer : 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 min (decreased by every 1 min interval) and Constant ON function
• Pump Pressure : 17 kPa
• Ozone Generating Method : Corona Discharge (Ozone Tube)
• Gas Resource : Ambient Air
• Air Inlet Dimension : 6.5mm
• Ozone Outlet Dimension : 6.5mm
• Size : approx. 215 x 150 x 60mm (8.46′ x 5.91′ x 2.36′ inch)
• Weight : approx. 800g

Set includes

• 1 x Ozone Generator with Timer
• 1 x Air Dryer
• 2 x Hoses (Air Tubing)
• 2 x Ceramic Diffuser Stones
• 1 x Instruction Manual

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