Entry Level Sound Level Meter w/ Backlit LCD


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This sound level meter is a great tool for checking, monitoring or controlling the sound level in any location to adjust and create a better work or living environment.

A Perfect tool for Sound Quality Control for factories, office, home, car, school, theatres, audio systems, transporting routes, construction site, noise engineering, health prevention and other various environmental noise.


• Large clear LCD with backlight
• Backlight alarming setting
• Low Battery Alert
• MIN/MAX and Lock current value
• Data HOLD function
• Over ranging reading sign 
• Manual or auto power off
• Small and portable design


• Material: plastic
• Measuring range: 30~130dBA
• Accuracy: ±1.5dB
• Frequency range: 31.5Hz~8KHz
• Frequency weighting features: A-weighting
• Resolution: 0.1dB
• Working Temperature and Humidity: 0~40°C, 10~80%RH
• Storage Temperature and Humidity: -10~60°C, 0~90%RH
• Power supply: 3 x 1.5V AAA Batteries
• Item Weight: 96.38 g
• Item Size: 56.1 x 177 x 36.03 mm

Set Includes

• 1 x Sound Level Meter
• 1 x Wind-resistant ball
• 1x English User Manual 
• 3 x AAA Battery 

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