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This handheld tester is designed for automotive battery load voltage test, charging voltage test and starter motor testing. It is instrumental for amateurs and professionals alike and can be used in vehicle fault diagnosis and service.


• Battery Load test:

• This test evaluates a battery’s ability to crank an engine. The tester draws current from the battery while measuring its voltage level. The voltage level of a good battery will remain relatively steady under load, but a defective battery will show a rapid loss in voltage.

• Cold Temp Effects:

• This effect should be compensated for when the battery’s internal temperature is below 40°F(4.4°C).

• Charging Voltage Test:

• This test enables the user to measure the output voltage of the alternator/regulator and check for undercharging or overcharging, which leads to poor battery performance and short life.

• Starter Motor Test:

• This test identifies excessive starter current draw, which makes starting difficult and shortens battery life.


LED indicator

• Green Light

• The “GOOD” LED lights–battery capacity is OK

• Yellow Light

• The “WEAK” LED lights but reading remains steady –battery capacity is not satisfactory.

• Red Light

• The “BAD” LED lights but displayed voltage is falling — battery may be defective or very run down.


  • LOAD

Battery Voltage Indicator

• 6V
• 12V

• With connected black and red clamp
• Max. LCD display: 999
• CCA settings: 300/400/500/600/700/800/900/999 (1000)
• Dimension: 204 x 102 x 64.5mm
• Weight: Approx. 250g (without Battery)

Set Includes

• 1 x Automotive / Vehicle Battery Tester
• 1 x English Instruction Manual
• Standard Factory Packaging Box

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