Handheld Cable Tester for Ethernet and Telephone RJ45 RJ11


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This ergonomic instrument is ideal for testing communication lines, integrated wiring, line weak systems installation, maintenance and engineering. They are widely used in telephone systems, computer networks and other metal wire lines and other fields.


• Find wires on all types of connected operating Ethernet switch /Router/PC terminal
• Rapidly find the target wire from among plenty of telephone wires
• Rapidly find the target wire from among plenty of network wires
• Trace telephone wire/LAN cables
• Trace wire in electrical systems
• Verify LAN cable condition
• Cable State Testing (2 wire) :

• Line DC detecting and anode, cathode determination
• Ringing signal detecting

• Open, short and cross test.


• Max working current:

• Emitter:<=10mA
• Receiver:<=30mA

• Signal transmission format: Multi frequency impulse
• Signal output electric status: 8Vp-p
• Distance of signal transmission: >=3km
• Volume Regulate Function: Yes
• Earphone for noise environment: Yes
• Sensitive: induction distance less than 20 mm, strong anti-jamming ability
• Storage Temperature: -20 to 50C
• Operation Temperature: -10 to 40C

Set Includes

1 x Wire Tracker
1 x Receiver
1 x RJ45 Cable
1 x RJ11 Cable
1 x Cable with crocodile clamp
1 x Black toolkit

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