Heavy Duty pH BNC Electrode 300cm


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This detachable pH electrode with BNC connection and cable is durable and heavy duty and possesses a high sensitivity, extremely fast in measuring liquids. With its BNC plug and 300cm cable, compatibility is not a question anymore and that makes it one of the best electrodes. It is suitable for continuous operation for all controllers, meters, testers and other monitoring devices.

Once your new pH electrode is connected to the electrode input terminal, you will need to calibrate it using the supplied calibration (buffer) solution. Comes with a protective cap to ensure the safety of the bulb.


• Easy monitoring of pH accurately
• Durable and heavy duty
• Replaceable pH electrode is easy to calibrate
• Reliable, stable and transportable
• Operation is simple and comfortable
• Very long cable for flexibility


• Cable Length: 300cm
• Measuring Range: 0.00 to 14.00pH
• Measuring Errors: ±0.1pH
• Measuring Accuracy: 0.01pH
• Connection: BNC
• Operating Temperature: 0°C – 50°C ATC
• Weight: 51g

Set Includes

1 x Durable pH BNC electrode
2 x Calibration solution (pH4.003 and pH6.864) 

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