Professional Anemometer With Datalogger Measures Wind Temperature Humidity


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This multi-functional anemometer datalogger is a professional instrument for measuring wind speed, temperature, and humidity. It is originally designed for wind speed measurement in engineering, quality control, and health control. It is also an ideal device for outdoor activities such as Drone Flying, Windsurfing, Flying Kite, Aeromodelling UAV, Sailing, Surfing, Fishing, Hiking, Shooting, Walking etc. 


• Wind speed, temperature and humidity measurement
• Measurement of current air volume, temperature and humidity
• Measure wind speed and MAX / MIN wind flow
• 2/3 wind flow value / average value
• Switchable wind speed/flow units and temperature units
• Measure wind direction angle (E-East, W-West, S-South, N-North, ES-Southeast, EN-Northeast Wind, WS-Southwest, WN-Northwest)
• Real-time measurement when connecting USB with computer software
• MAX / MIN / AVG value
• With backlight
• Data HOLD function
• Manual or Automatic turn off setting
• Wind velocity unit: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, mph
• Wind flow unit: CFM (cubic feet/minute), CMM (cubic meter/minute)
• Temperature unit: °C / °F
• With tripod mounting hole
• Can be connected to the computer for data downloading
• Store up to 960 sets of data

Set Includes

• 1 x Air Flow Anemometer
• 1 x Auxiliary Fan 
• 1 x USB Computer connecting cable
• Operation Manual
• Carrying case

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