Professional Digital Dissolved Oxygen DO Meter 0~199.9% / 0~19.99 PPM


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In stock

This dissolved oxygen meter has high performance, high accuracy with a large LCD screen that displays the dissolved oxygen content and temperature value. It has indicator prompts whenever the reading stabilizes. The LCD display shows measured DO  in % or in ppm/mg/l. Barometric is displayed in mmHg or KPA, Temperature is displayed in °C, Salinity in ppt.

Features include memory data with temperature readings, auto-power off by selecting time frame, Max / Min / AVG function helps to analyze the data. Also includes an option to connect to a PC via the DC jack port and the optional RS232 software CD and cable to capture data online. Display the DO readings with real time output and/or save the measured data for analysis later. In addition, data can be transmitted via IrDA port to an IrDA receiver to print measured data.

Used in aquaculture to monitor the oxygen levels in fish and shrimp farming, the quality of plant water intake, BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) and many other industrial uses.


• LCD with D.O and temperature value display
• Stability indication
• Auto temperature compensation
• Easy 100% D.O value calibration
• Auto power off time selectable (20/30/40/60/90/120 mins)
• Clark type oxygen electrode
• Data hold function
• Salinity and Barometric pressure compensation
• Real time clock in every memory data
• Accurate Dissolved Oxygen readings
• With IrDA Port for printing
• Manual Salt / Baro Compensation
• Optional: RS232 port to connect to a PC for data logging 
• Click here to purchase cable and software 



• Dissolve Oxygen D.O.
          • Range: 0~199.9% / 0~19.99 PPM / 0~19.99 mg/I
          • Accuracy: ±1.5% F.S
          • Resolution: 0.1% / 0.01 PPM / 0.01 mg/I

• Temperature

          • Range: 0~50 °C
          • Accuracy: ± 0.3 °C
          • Resolution: 0.1 °C

          • Range: 0.0~50.0 ppt
          • Resolution: 0.1 ppt

• Barometric Pressure: 500~1499 mmHg / 66.6~199.9 KPa
• Pressure Resolution: 1 mmHg / 0.1 KPa
• Adjustable Coefficient of membrane
• Real Time / Recall included
• IRDA Port Included
• LCD size : (h) 44 mm x (W) 26 mm
• Operating Temperature : 0~50 °C
• Dimension: (h) 175 mm x (W) 70 mm x (h) 33 mm
• Weight of D.O. Meter : 150g
• Power Source: AAA x 4pcs


Set includes

1 x Dissolved Oxygen Meter
1 x Probe with 333cm Cable
5 x Teflon Membrane
5 x O-rings
2 x Replacement Electrolyte Solution
1 x Syringe (Used for Filling Electrolyte into D.O. Electrode)
1 x Protective Carrying Case
Instruction Manual

• Optional RS232 Software CD & Cable

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