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pH is a crucial variable reflecting the chemical conditions of a given solution. pH affects the availability of nutrients, microbial activity, biological functions, and the behaviour of chemicals. As a result, monitoring or controlling the pH of soil, water and food or beverage products, amongst many others, is essential for a wide variety of applications.

Test once and test accurately with our \pH meters, and don’t risk your next job with inferior testing equipment. Our high-quality, precision, and affordable pH meters are best for ensuring accurate pH readings in any situation.

One of the most important steps of swimming pool maintenance is water balance to keep the pool/spa water.

• SAFE. pH within Chlorine-based pools needs to be balanced. If pool water is not balanced correctly, then chlorine sanitisation won’t be working on killing germs and bacteria that can cause diarrhea/ear/skin infections.
• COMFORTABLE. Water balance needs to be correct, or it will affect skin/eyes. pH should be neither too acidic nor alkaline to feel comfortable
• CORROSION-FREE. Imbalanced pool pH can be corrosive to the liner, ladders/handrail and other components like pumps

CL2 can also get eaten up from a lot of nitrogen (from debris, pee, sunscreen, sweat). It is best to test CL2 and pH levels often as they change daily depending on pool usage.

High alkaline water leads to high pH. Low alkaline water leads to low pH. Keeping pH levels w/in the acceptable range is vital for keeping your equipment and pool finish intact. 

A great tool that you need for maintaining your pool water.


• An essential tool for quick and accurate readings of ph & free chlorine as chlorine is the most commonly used disinfectant for water by killing bacteria, algae and microorganisms.
• Ideal for keeping your pool or spa within the safe Chlorine and PH ranges, no more chemicals or no more guesswork
• An electro-tester for testing pH and free chlorine (Cl2) levels in water for routine monitoring of pH and chlorine levels of swimming pools, spas and different water sources
• Recommended Chlorine Level for pool and spa: 1.2 to 1.7ppm and 7.2 to 7.8ph for PH Level for pool and spa
• Lightweight and easy to carry. No chemical agent need and easy maintenance. Keep your pool/spa water safe, comfortable and corrosion-free.


• The recommended level for pool and spa is 1.2 to 1.7ppm for chlorine and 7.2 to 7.8 for pH
• Size: 190 x 120mm (main unit); 150mm long (probe w/ handle); 48mm long (probe only not including black band); 130mm long (cable only)
• Weight: 160g

Set Includes

• 1 x pH and Free Chlorine Tester with Probe
• 1 x English Instruction Manual

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