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This high-quality non-contact tachometer has a wide measuring range and high resolution. With LED or Laser, it precisely measures Rotational Speed (RPM)without touching the rotating or moving object. 

Offering high ±0.05% accuracy, instantaneous response time, auto-select test range, long detecting distance of up to 500mm or 20 inches (with Laser).

Operation is effortless. Just apply a reflective mark (included in the package) onto the target object, then aim the beam at the spot and the RPM will be displayed on the 5-digit clear LCD. 

This instrument has a wide range of applications include measuring rotating speed of machine, motors, model cars, automotive,trucks, aircraft, light rail vehicles, wheels, lathe for metal or wood cutting work, for HVAC applications to measure fan speed and other application that needed rotational speed measurements.


• Tested according to European international guidelines and standards (CE Marking)
• Wide measuring range of 2.5~99,999RPM
• High accuracy of up to ±0.05%
• High Resolution
• Long detecting distance up to 500mm(20 inch) with Laser
• Large five digits LCD Display
• Autotest range select
• Uses a Microcomputer LSI circuit and crystal time base offering high accuracy and quick measurement time
• Highly accurate displays exact RPM with no guessing errors
• With a fraction of minute sampling time(0.8 sec)
• Maximum, Minimum and Last Measured value
• Durable & Reliable


• LCD Display : 5 digits, 18mm (0.7″)LCD with Function Annunciation
• Test Range : 2.5 to 99,999 RPM(r/min)
• Resolution : 0.1 RPM (2.5 to 999.9RPM)
       • 1 RPM (over 1,000 RPM)
• Accuracy : ±(0.05% + 1 digit)
• Sampling Time : 0.8 sec. (over60 RPM)
• Test range selection :   Automatic
• Memory : Max. value, Min. value and Last value
• Detecting Distance:

• 50~200mm / 2~10 inches (LED)
• 50~500mm / 2~20 inches (Laser)

• Time Base : Quartz Crystal
• Circuit : Exclusive one-chip micro computer LSI Circuit
• Power Consumption:

• Approx. 35mA (LED)
• Approx. 30mA (LED)

• Operating Temperature: 0~50°C (32~122°F)
• Size : 131 x 70 x 29 mm
• Weight : 160g

Set Includes

• 1 x Digital Tachometer
• 2 x 600mm Reflective Tape Mark
• 1 x Protective Carrying Case
• Quick Start Guide

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