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pH is a crucial variable reflecting the chemical conditions of a given solution. pH affects the availability of nutrients, microbial activity, biological functions, and the behaviour of chemicals. As a result, monitoring or controlling the pH of soil, water and food or beverage products, amongst many others, is essential for a wide variety of applications.

Test once and test accurately with our digital pH meters, and don’t risk your next job with inferior testing equipment. Our high-quality, precision, and affordable digital pH meters are best for ensuring accurate pH readings in any situation.

A highly accurate pen-type pH meter that measures both pH level and temperature results simultaneously. Temperature is displayed in degrees Celcius (°C). pH value varies with temperature, so the meter has a built-in ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) automatic adjustment of value in temperature between 0°C – 50°C (32°F – 122°F) thus you don’t need to worry about the effect of temperature change on pH level.

An ideal meter to test pH level of liquids in various industries and applications such as Hydroponics, Aquariums, Swimming Pools, Spa and Food processing and many other applications.


• Clear and easy-to-read Dual-level LCD
• Simultaneous display and viewing of pH and Temperature results
• Built in Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
• Stability Indicator
• Ideal for field or on-the-spot measurement
• Easy to use with high accuracy
• Calibration Solution (pH 4.003 & pH 6.864) included


• pH Measuring Range : 0.00-14.00 pH
• Temperature Measuring Range : 0.0 – 55.0°C
• Resolution (pH / Temperature): 0.01 pH, 0.1°C
• Accuracy (pH / Temperature) : ±0.1 pH (±1°C)
• Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) : 0 – 50°C (32 – 122°F)
• Operating Temperature : 0 – 50°C (32 – 122°F)
• Duration: 500 hours
• Size: approx. 170 x 36 x 23mm (6.69′ x 1.41′ x 0.91′ inch)
• Weight: approx. 91g

Set Includes

• 1 x pH & Temperature Meter
• 1 x 4.003 + 1 x 6.864 + 1 x 9.182 Calibration (Buffer) Solution
• 1 x Mini-Screw Driver
• 1 x User’s Manual
• 1 x Protective Plastic Carrying Case

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