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Brightness or light intensity plays an essential factor in determining the proper exposure for photography and providing correct light intensity for each environment. Don’t risk your next job with inferior testing equipment. Whether you’re checking common areas for safe lighting levels or testing designs for compliance, our light meters get the job done. 

Our hand-held light meter reads the intensity of light falling on the subject and measurements taken from the subject position and can measure up to 200,000 lux. They measure accurately and consistently and are not affected by variances in reflectance of the subject or scene. Because of this, the meter gives an accurate exposure for the majority of situations and subjects. 


• Measures current illumination and temperature
• Measures difference, maximum and minimum value
• Switch between illumination and temperature unit
• Auto switch of measurement gear
• Automatic and manual storage of illumination data

• 1000 sets of data (automatic storage)
• 67 sets of data (manual storage)

• Backlight and data holding capacity
• °C/°F temperature unit
• Auto and manual power off
• With tripod mounting hole

Usage & Applications

• Obtain precise measurements in multiple light measurement ranges. Our compact and rugged light meters are designed for use in workplaces, labs, schools, environmental studies, optics, and real estate inspections to ensure that you and your staff work in the best lit conditions possible.
• Very useful to architecture professionals, light designers or cinematographers
• Useful for indoor and outdoor gardeners in ensuring proper light levels for plant growth.
• Measure luminance in any environment or professional such as illumination control, weather observation and metallurgy building, industry inspection, and agriculture research.
• Monitor building and security light levels with confidence.
• Valid for any application in which measuring or recording illumination is required.


• Measuring function: Illumination and temperature, difference value, max value, min value of illumination
• Main parts of photometer head: Photodiode + cosines corrector + correction filter
• Temperature probe: NTC Thermosistor
• Illuminance Measuring range: total measuring range 0~200,000 Lux, into four ranges

• 1: 0~199.9 Lux
• 10: 200~1999.9 Lux
• 100: 2000~19999.9 Lux
• 1000: 20000~200000 Lux

• Temperature Measuring range: -9.9~49.9°C (14.18~121.82°F)
• Illuminance Accuracy: ±3%rdg )(below 10000 Lux) ; ±4%rdg (above 10000 Lux)
• Temperature Accuracy: ±1.0°C
• Units of Illuminance and Temperature Measurement: Lux/°C, Lux/°F, FC/°C, FC/°F
• Illumination Data Storage:

• Automatic: 1000 groups max data storage
• Manual: 67 groups max data storage

• Operating Temperature / Humidity: 0~40°C (32~104°F); 10~90%RH
• Storage Temperature / Humidity: -10~50°C (14~122°F); 10~90%RH
• LCD Screen Update: 2 times/s

Set Includes

• 1 x Digital Lux Meter
• Instruction Manual

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