Handheld Digital Light Luxmeter 0~100,000 Lux w/ Selectable Range


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Brightness or light intensity plays an essential factor in determining the proper exposure for photography and providing correct light intensity for each environment. Don’t risk your next job with inferior testing equipment. Whether you’re checking common areas for safe lighting levels or testing designs for compliance, our light meters get the job done. 

This digital lux meter can measure up to 100,000 lux. It is used for checking the level of luminance, the measure of the amount of light falling on a given surface. It can be used in light intensity measurement, engineering, quality control or illness prevention treatment in various environments such as hospitals, factories, schools, offices, transportation routes, home etc.

Our hand-held light meter reads the intensity of light falling on the subject and measurements taken from the subject position. They measure accurately and consistently and are not affected by variances in reflectance of the subject or scene. Because of this, the meter gives an accurate exposure for the majority of situations and subjects. 


• x1, x10 or x100 Selectable range 
• Flexible sensor connected by a spring cable, can measure hard-to-reach areas easily.
• Lightweight & Portable
• With a FREE carrying Pouch
• Easy operation, user-friendly for entry-level and household users
• Data hold function
• Photodetector with a protective cap, well protected for use in the long run
• Ideal for light measurement in factory, office, home renovation, room lighting design, greenhouse land and so on.  


• Display: 18mm LCD
• Maximum reading value display 1999
• Power: 9V battery
• Ranges: 1~100,000Lux
• Accuracy: 

• ≤10,000Lux:±4%rdg±2d

• ≥10,000Lux:±5%±2d 

• (Calibrated to a standard incandescent lamp at colour temperature 2854K)

• Over-input: Indicator of “1”
• Operating Temperature: 0 C to 50 C (32 F to 122 F)
• Operating Humidity: less than 80% R.H.
• Data hold function
• Resolution: 1Lux
• Repeatability: ±2%
• Sampling time: 0.4 second
• Photodetector: one silicon photodiode with filter
• Dimensions:

• Photodetector: 106 × 57 × 26mm

• Meter body: 130 × 72 × 30mm

Set Includes

• 1 x Digital Lux meter
• 1 x Carrying case
• 1 x 9V battery
• 1 x English User manual

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