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This handheld Motor and Phase Rotation Indicator is a handheld, battery-operated multi-functional instrument designed to detect the rotational field of three-phase systems and determine aH, a must for any plant maintenance staff. It quickly and clearly displays the result by its LED indicators.

This is also an ideal tool for measuring the proper rotation of motors, conveyors, pumps and other electrical devices interconnected on the power line system before installation.


• Check motor turn direction (contact and non-contact method)
• Determine Phase Sequence Rotary Field Direction
• Determine Magnetic Field Direction
• Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation indicator
• Accurate and fast measurement


• Maximum Operating Voltage (Ume): 460 VAC
• Determining Phase Sequence

• Normal Voltage: 120~460VAC
• Frequency range (fn): 2~400Hz
• Test Current (per phase): <3.5mA

• Checking Motor Turn Direction (non-contact method)

• Voltage Range: 1~460VAC
• Frequency range (fn): 2~400Hz

• Checking Motor Turn Direction (contact method)

• Nominal Voltage Range: 1~460VAC
• Nominal Test Current (per phase): <3.5mA
• Frequency Range (fn): 2~400Hz

• Operating Environment:

• Temperature: 0~40°C
• Altitude: 2000m
• Relative Humidity: 15~80%

• Storage Environment:

• Temperature: -10 ~50°C
• Relative Humidity: <85%

• Protection Level: CAT III 600V
• Current Consumption: max 20mA
• Size: 141 x 84 x 36mm
• Weight: about 180g (including battery)

Set Includes

• 1 x Motor and Phase Rotation Indicator
• 3 x Test leads
• 3 x Alligator clips
• 1 x Black Carrying Bag
• 1 x English Instruction Manual
• Standard factory package

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