8 Piece Network Toolkit w/ Cable Tester and Punchdown tool


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This network Tool Kits is designed to meet the needs of beginner through expert technicians working on installation, repair and maintenance of inside wiring and local area networks. The selection of installation and maintenance tools chosen for this tool kit comprise the most sought after tools for most wiring jobs.


• Cable Tester: Used to verify RJ11/RJ45 cables status for continuity, miswiring, open circuit and shorts etc. 
• Network Cable Stripper: Strip the outer jacket of Lan cable, flat telephone cable. Removable coax cartridge for RG59-6-11-7 and many speciality Audio cables.
• Punch Down Tool: For the commonly used idc connector system used in structured wiring accessories such as patch panels, data modules, linejacks and junction boxes.
• RJ45 Plug Crimp Tool: Make your own patch cords/leads up using this heavy-duty hand tool.

Set includes

1 x Lan Cable Tester
1 x Wire Stripper
1 x Punch Down Tool
1 x Carry bag
1 x Crimping Tool

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