Automatic Circuit Breaker Finder, Receiver and Transmitter 220v


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Circuit breakers are very convenient safety devices used to protect an over-current situation in your electrical system. Find a specific breaker or fuse that controls your wall socket or plugs, lighting, etc with this automated finder. Included Lamp Socket & Outlet Adapters makes this tool more dynamic.

Once the transmitter is in placed it transmits a signal onto the circuit which can be detected by the receiver. The receiver will then beep and its green LED will flash when the signal is detected. The sensitivity of the receiver can be adjusted in order to pinpoint the exact circuit breaker or fuse protecting the selected circuit where the transmitter is attached.

No more guessing or trial and error when it comes to locating the correct circuit breaker supplying power to an AC outlet or lighting fixture. 


• Automatically and quickly finds correct breaker
• Works for either circuit breakers or fuses
• Exchangeable power tips for the transmitter


• Transmitter

• Input Voltage: 220V at 50~60Hz
• Size : 80 x 50 x 31mm
• Weight : approx. 55g

• Receiver

• Battery : 9V (6F22 or equivalent)
• Size : 186 x 90 x 38mm
• Weight : approx.150g

Set includes

• 1 x Circuit Breaker Transmitter
• 1 x Circuit Breaker Receiver
• 1 x 9V (6F22) battery
• 1 x English Instruction Manual
• 1 x 220V Outlet Adaptor
• 2 x Lamp Socket Adapter
• Nylon Carrying Box
• Standard Packaging Box

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