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Handheld Digital Cable Tester w/ Data Storage Functions


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This cable length tester has CE approval and does mapping, tests cable continuity, such as if the cable is good, open, short, crossed, reverse connection, etc.


• Has Port flash which helps to locate the target network cable more easily while connected with the router/switch
• PING function that test network signals and if the network cable is connected or not
• Can verify cable length, open circuit distance and pairing, crosstalk
• Has PoE function that test if the network cable is connected with PoE switcher or router
• Detect the power of every cable and a set up backlight/backlight time/auto-power-off time/theme color/data export/system information(version NO.), etc.
• Comes with 3.7V lithium battery power supply, convenient and durable, 2.8 inches LCD Color screen, clear, intuitive and personalization, and can save and export 160 groups of data to computer (txt format)

Widely used in fields like telephone system, computer networks and other metal lead circuits.


• Emitter/Transmitter:

• Display: 2.8 inch LCD color screen with 320×240 resolution (Effective visible area 60x45mm)
• Cable testing types: STP/UTP 5E, 6E network cable, telephone cable, coaxial cable, and common metal wires connected with alligator clip
• Max. distance of wiremap: 2000m
• Max. distance of tracing cable: 1000m
• Max distance of cable length measurement: 2000m
• Min. distance of calibration: 10m
• Accuracy: 98% (after calibration)
• Compatible connectors: RJ11, RJ45, BNC, PING/PoE
• Cable map indication: LCD (Pin#1 – Pin#8 & G)
• Work temperature/ humidity: 10°C-60°C/ 0%RH-70%RH
• Dimension: 173 x 92 x 34mm

• Remote identifier:

• Compatible connectors: RJ11, RJ45, BNC
• Dimension: 106(L) x 32(W) x 30(H)
• Working temperature: -10~+60°C
• Working humidity: 20%~70%
• Dimension: 106 x 32 x 30mm

Set Includes

• 1 x Emitter
• 1 x Remote identifier
• 1 x RJ11 cable adaptor
• 1 x RJ45 cable adaptor
• 1 x Alligator clip
• 1 x 1GB TF Card
• 1 x USB Cable
• 1 x Carry pouch