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Professional 3 in 1 pH / ORP / Temperature Meter


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In stock

Measures pH, ORP and temperature accurately with advanced features such as a multi display LCD screen where it simultaneously displays (pH, mV, temperature, memory counter, real time clock and mode indicators). It also provides both °C and °F that can be easily switched, automatic and manual temperature compensation, save, recall & delete recorded data, data hold function, min & max values, backlight, auto power off that can be disabled, option to transmit data into a computer for anylization and printing (software & cable sold seperatly), with 5 maximum calibration points and automatic buffer recognition. The whole set comes complete with pH 4, pH 7 & pH 10 buffer solutions, pH electrode with ATC, ORP electrode and a multi purpose plastic carry case.

Application & Usage

This handy meter is ideal for checking water quality, industrial applications, pools, spas, aquariums, labs, aquaculture, sanitation plants, car washes, hydroponics and many other applications. 


• Measures pH, mV and Temperature
• Integrated pH, ORP and Temperature measurements in one meter
• Multi display LCD screen
• Accurate and high resolution
• °C/°F switchable with real time display
• Front panel calibration adjustments
• Data hold function that freezes displayed reading
• Min/Max values review of memorized data
• pH automatic buffer recognition to avoid errors during calibration
• Allows automatic or manual temperature compensation
• 3 point pH calibration (Maximum 5 points pH calibration)
• Memory recall and real time clock setting features
• Backlight feature
• Easy to view probe calibration data
• “Ready” feature on LCD to indicate if reading is stable or not
• Error indicators during calibration, hold, max & min, record, Low bat
• Auto power off with disable feature
• With provision for tripod mounting
• CE approved
• pH electrode with ATC and ORP electrode
• Optional: RS232 port to connect to a PC for data logging

• Click here to purchase cable and software 


• pH Measurement
           • Measuring range: 0.00~14.00pH
           • High resolution: 0.01pH
           • Accuracy: ±0.02pH

• ORP Measurement
            • Measuring range: -1999 ~ +1999mV
            • Resolution: 0.1mV(-199.9~+199.9) or 1mV (-1999~+1999)
            • Accuracy: ±0.2mV(-199.9~+199.9) or ±2 mV (-1999~+1999)

• MV Measurment
            • Measuring range: -499 ~ +499mV
            • Manual & Automatic Temperature Compensation

• Calibration: Max 5 points automatic buffer recognition
• With pH Slope / Offset display
• Slope Alarm: <75% or >115%
• Offset Alarm: Out of ±60mV
• Operating Temp : 0~50°C (32~122°F), Max. 80%RH.
• Low battery indicator
• pH electrode: 1 meter cable length
• Dimension: 175 x 70 x 33mm
• Weight: approx. 150g (meter only)

Set Includes

1 x Professional 3 in 1 pH / ORP / mV / Temperature Meter
1 x pH electrode with ATC
1 x ORP electrode
1 x pH 4, pH 7 & pH 10 buffer solutions
1 x Multi purpose plastic carrying case
1 x Instruction manual

• Optional RS232 Software CD & Cable  

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